Best Online Education Websites in Russia 2024

Discover 15+ top student websites to help with everything from finding kids education, learning resources for students, best online courses, learning to code in IT, professional education, learning English, online book stores and etc. these best websites will help you study online.

Educational Sites
Educational Sites

Quick Review of the Best Educational Sites

Uchi - Best For Online school with tutors

Foxford - Online School for students from grades 1 to 11 (Teachers and Parents)

Skillbox - Best for Online Course

Wikium - Best for Online Traning - Best For Professional Education - Best For Professional Training

Skillfactory - Best For IT profession - Best For English Learning

Labyrinth - Best For Online Book Stores

These are some best Russia sites for Educational where you can find a Educational according to your Learning Standards and Interest.

List of Best Online Educational Sites

SkillBox - Russian market leader in online vocational education

GetCourse - is a cloud based sales & training platform for seminars, training, courses, face-to-face and online classes.

Infourok - One of the largest providers of educational IT products and services for Russian-speaking teachers, students and parents.

skyeng - an interactive online school learning English, which helps people set themselves the specific life goals, achieve them in the learning process.

Uchi - Uchi Technologies Berhad is a manufacture of electronic control systems.

Netology - Netology Group focuses on the development of educational online platforms and training programs for students, professionals, and businesses.

foxford - A distance education platform that allows students to learn online.

skysmart - Skyeng has 17,065 monthly app downloads, according to Apptopia. The most popular apps downloaded are Skyeng — English online , Skysmart. - GeekBrains is an educational platform for programmers, which offers more than 50 online courses in areas of mobile and web design, game creation, design and others.

Wikium - Service of 15-minutes online exercises for students, office staff. Improves brain productivity by using games based on the neuroscience.

Learn English - is an online service for learning and practicing English, used by 17 million people around the world! 

Skyeng - an interactive online school learning English, which helps people set themselves the specific life goals, achieve them in the learning process.

Novakid School - Novakid is an EdTech platform for learning English as a Second Language (ESL) for children between the ages of 4 and 12 years old.

Puzzle-English - Puzzle English is the English language service based on a freemium model. Puzzle English is located in Moscow, Moscow City, Russian Federation.

Online Book Stores

Labyrinth - Labyrinth online bookstore is a website where you can buy cheap books, toys, audio, video (novelties and bestsellers, more than 200,000 products).

Book24 - Book 24 provides booking needs for events such as chiropractors, salons, massages, facials, pedicure, etc.

Alpinabook - Alpina Book, a leading Russian publishing nonfiction. They publish books for personal and professional fulfillment, books on business and psychology and others

Bookvoed - Bukvoed is a bookselling network and an online store where you can buy books, textbooks, gifts, souvenirs, goods for children, goods for creativity

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