Best food Delivery Sites in Russia 2023

Best Online Food delivery Sites in Russia that Delivery-club, Utkonos, eda yandex, Dodopizza, vkusvill, Sushiwok and others that make food ordering easy.

food Delivery Sites in Russia
food Delivery Sites in Russia

These are some best Russia sites for Food where you can find a Food according to your Taste and Interest.

List of Best Online Food Sites

Delivery-club - Delivery Club is the market leading food delivery company in Russia with over 4,000 restuarnts in 75 cities.

Eda yandex - Yandex.Eda is a Russian online food ordering and delivery platform launched by Yandex

Dodopizza - Pizza company base on a cloud-based information system Dodo IS. There are 300+ stores in 11 countries including the US and China.

vkusvill - VkusVill is a food retail company that delivers fresh and healthy products.

Utkonos - Utkonos is an online stores which offers food, homeware and other retail services.

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