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Russia has a very centralized economy with much economic activity concentrated in Moscow and St. Petersburg. These two cities alone are responsible for over 20% of Russia's total GDP.

Russia GDP
Russia GDP

Other major economic regions include the Ural federal district (centered around Yekaterinburg) which is known for manufacturing and mineral extraction, and the Volga federal district which is a major agricultural and industrial region.

Russia does not officially report detailed GDP statistics by federal district or individual federal subjects (states). However, various estimates suggest that the Central federal district (Moscow region) accounts for over 30% of total GDP, while the Volga and Ural districts each contribute 15-20% each.

The Far East federal district is rich in natural resources but remains less developed and economically productive than European Russia, accounting for under 5% of total GDP.

So in summary, Russia's economy and GDP is highly uneven, with Moscow and St. Petersburg together accounting for over 20% of total national GDP, but with limited publicly available official data breaking down GDP contribution by individual state or region. Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions!

To obtain the latest state-wise GDP data for Russia, I would recommend referring to official sources such as the Federal State Statistics Service of Russia (Rosstat) or other reputable economic research institutions. These sources typically provide comprehensive and up-to-date data on the economic indicators, including GDP, at the national and regional levels.

Official Sources:

Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat): 

This is the official government agency responsible for providing statistical data in Russia. They don't seem to provide readily accessible state-wise GDP data on their website, but you could try contacting them directly or exploring their more detailed publications. They have a section on national accounts data, but it seems to be more aggregated:

Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation: 

This ministry also publishes economic data, and they might have more specific information on regional economies. However, their focus is usually on broader trends and indicators, not necessarily state-wise GDP:

Alternative Sources:

World Bank: 

The World Bank Open Data platform has economic data for many countries, including Russia. They have data on GDP (current US$) for Russia by federal district, but not by state:

IMF Data: 

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) also publishes economic data, including GDP. Their data for Russia is similar to the World Bank's, with breakdowns by federal district but not by state:


This website provides statistics on various topics, including economics. They have a page on Russia's GDP with historical data and projections, but again, not a state-wise breakdown:
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